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Erie Insurance Review: Poor Auto Insurance Policy Management



Erie Insurance Overview and Key Takeaways

Erie is a strong provider if you’re looking for effective auto insurance. Operating in 12 states as well as Washington, DC, customer satisfaction ratings are high, while there are fewer complaints than you’d expect, too.

  • Lock in your rates for auto insurance
  • Fewer complaints than expected
  • High levels of customer satisfaction

3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Erie Insurance: Services

Extras from Erie include the following, but are not available in all states:

  • Accident forgiveness: If you have been an Erie customer for 3 years, your first accident won’t cause your rates to rise
  • Pet injury coverage: Get up to $500 per pet to a maximum of $1000 if you need to pay for veterinary care after an accident
  • Travel expenses: Covered for up to $75 per passenger for food and accommodation if you have an accident away from home           

If you buy comprehensive coverage with Erie, you get the following extras:

  • Locksmith service: If you lock your keys in the car, you’re covered for up to $75
  • Glass repair: Windshield replacement comes with a free set of wiper blades. You won’t need to pay a deductible either
  • Personal items: Personal items are covered to $350 if they are damaged in an auto accident

Erie offers the Auto Plus package for $30 annually ($25 in North Carolina). Benefits vary from state to state but include the following:

  • Car rental: Benefit from 10 days of extra rental car coverage after an accident
  • Disappearing deductible: Each claim-free year, your deductible decreases by $100 to a maximum of $500
  • High limits: Some coverage like locksmith services give you improved coverage
  • Death benefit: Get up to $10,000 per person if someone dies in an auto accident
  • Waived deductible: If you hit your garage door and your home is also insured by Erie, pay only one deductible with the Auto Plus package

You can also get the following optional extras including:

  • Rate lock
  • New car protection
  • Better car protection
  • Rideshare coverage
Editorial Credit: Sneg17

Erie Insurance: Rating

Erie insurance scores 5 out 5 when assessed across a variety of factors from price, extras, and discounts through to customer complaints, customer satisfaction, and ease of making a claim.

Erie Insurance: Discounts

Discounts offered by Erie include:

  • Multiple cars
  • Multiple policies
  • Not taking car to college
  • Safety course for under-21s
  • Safety features
  • Upfront payment

Erie Insurance: Complaints

This company attracts fewer complaints than you would expect for a company this size.

It would be a good idea to go check their BBB Complaints and other review websites before doing business with this company.

Erie Insurance: What Else?

Erie also offers home insurance and life insurance.

The website is responsive and allows you to manage your policy online, as well as filing a claim or finding a repair shop.

There is no mobile app available.

Here are some other types of insurance Erie provides:

  • ATV insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Classic car insurance
  • Condo insurance
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Medicare supplement insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Umbrella insurance

Erie Insurance: Pros and Cons


  • Low volume of complaints
  • Broad spread of perks and options
  • Option to lock in rates


  • Not available in most states
  • No mobile app for policy management

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Car Insurance

6 Types of Car Insurance – Can You Name Them All?




Types of Car Insurance

It may be shocking to know, but there is more than a single remedy for all types of car incidents and accidents. Everything, including the state you’re living in, plays a part in how much you can get. These include the levels of coverage that you get and the definitions of different terms in different states.

Liability Insurance

This insurance usually relates to two separate types of damages. This could be bodily injury and property damage.

Bodily Injury covers any injuries that you’ve caused to someone else, while Property Damage includes any damage that you’ve caused to others’ property/properties.

How to Get The Lowest Auto Insurance Rates For Seniors

Collision Insurance

This is the direct opposite of liability insurance. When your property is damaged or destroyed in a car accident, this insurance comes into play. This could include an accident with another vehicle or even another building.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers all the expenses that are not caused by collisions. These include damage by natural disasters like earthquakes, falling boulders, floods, and animals.

7 Factors Drive Your Car Insurance Rates

Personal Injury Protection Insurance

This is a bit of a tricky one. Personal Injury Protection varies by definition in most states. It covers medical and non-medical expenses. The policy only comes into play if the policy holder is injured in an incident, and it covers physical injury, rehabilitation, occupational therapy, psychiatric care, and lost wages, etc.

Medical Coverage Insurance

Medical Coverage Insurance is a narrower coverage than personal injury protection. It’s not only voluntary in every state, but it also offers medical payments. Medical Coverage Insurance covers any medical expenses for you and other passengers in your vehicle.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

If you have an accident with another driver’s vehicle that isn’t insured, it calls for uninsured motorist insurance. It’s also called under-insured motorist insurance, and it can relate to hit and runs.

Can You Guess Which Types of Car Insurance Are The Most Important?

best types of car insurance

Unemployment Will Likely Ripple To Auto Insurance Rates

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Fred Loya Insurance Review: Fined For Deceptive Advertising, And For Charging Excessive Premiums




Fred Loya Insurance Overview and Key Takeaways

Fred Loya Insurance is a specialist provider offering high-risk drivers the lowest legal amount of insurance cover. Owned and operated by the EP Loya Group, a Texas-based insurance provider, Fred Loya Insurance is marketed under several names including Loya Insurance Company, National Insurance, and Rodney D Young.

  • Auto insurance for drivers unable to obtain cover elsewhere
  • Large volume of complaints to state regulators
  • Claim filing not always available

2.0 out of 5.0 stars

Fred Loya Insurance: Services

Fred Loya provides minimum insurance coverage. All policies come with liability, but everything else you want needs to be bundled.

Extra coverage could include:

  • Gap coverage: If you crash your car and your collision damage doesn’t pay out enough, Fred Loya meets the difference with gap coverage
  • Physical damage coverage: This add-on offers coverage against all damage from floods, collision, vandalism, or any other damage to your vehicle
  • Rental reimbursement: Covers the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is in the shop

Fred Loya policies can typically be issued with no need for a credit check. SR-22 forms might be available.

You can’t get a quote online.

Editorial Credit: Tommaso79

Fred Loya Insurance: Discounts

Discounts for auto insurance with Fred Loya include:

  • Air bags
  • Alcohol and drug awareness course
  • Anti-theft devices
  • Defensive driving course
  • Driver’s education course
  • Multiple cars

Fred Loya Insurance: Legal Issues

Loya Insurance Group has far more complaints made against it to state regulators than you would expect for a company of this size.

Most complaints over the past 3 years involved:

  • Unsatisfactory offers and settlements
  • Delays handling claims
  • Claims being denied

The company has also faced a number of legal issues.

In 2012, Lota Insurance Group was fined $300,000 for conducting deceptive advertising campaign, and for charging excessive premiums.

In 2018, the company was found in violation of the law for failing to refund premiums in a timely fashion when policies were cancelled along with a range of other regulatory violations.

It would be a good idea to go check their BBB Complaints and other review websites before doing business with this company.

Fred Loya Insurance: What Else?

The company website is sparse. While you can access your policy online as an existing customer, that’s about all you can do. You cannot obtain a quote online.

Claims must be filed over the phone during office hours.

Coverage is limited to a handful of states.

Fred Loya Insurance: Pros and Cons


  • Policies for high-risk drivers
  • Complimentary rental rides


  • The high number of complaints and legal issues
  • Limited options for online account management
  • Confusing language in policy documents
  • Claim filing no available 24/7

Compare Fred Loya Insurance to Big Savings Auto Insurance Providers

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Safety Insurance Review: Mixed Reviews For Car Insurance




Safety Insurance Overview and Key Takeaways

Safety Insurance is a Boston-based provider founded in 1979. The company provides auto, home, and other insurance products to customers in 3 states.

  • Operates in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire
  • Fewer complaints than expected
  • Quotes supplied by independent agents rather than online

3.0 out of 5.0 stars

Safety Insurance: Rating

Safety scores 4 out of 5 when assessed for pricing, discounts, extras, ease of filing a claim, type of coverage, customer satisfaction, and customer complaints.

Safety Insurance Complaints
Editorial Credit: Steve Woods

Safety Insurance: Services

As well as standard auto insurance Safety Ins also provides comprehensive and collision coverage and the following options:

  • Safety Shield: Coverage varies from state to state. Extra typically extend to glass coverage, waived deductibles, emergency road expenses, and personal belongings coverage
  • Safety Shield Plus: Only available in Massachusetts, get everything from the above package as well as extra coverage for personal items, accident forgiveness, and pet injury coverage
  • Gap Coverage: If your car is stolen or totaled and you have an outstanding balance on loan payments, gap coverage meets this shortfall

Safety: Discounts

Auto insurance discounts with Safety include:

  • Accident-free
  • Crash-prevention course
  • Drive with Safety app use           
  • Good student
  • Loyalty
  • Multiple cars
  • Multiple policies
  • Paperless

Safety Insurance: Complaints

Although Safety Insurance gets fewer complaints than expected, customer satisfaction is below average.

It would be a good idea to check their BBB Complaints and before doing business with any of these insurance companies.

Safety Insurance: What Else?

The website allows you to manage your policy, but you can’t get an online quote. There is not much informational content about insurance on the site.

Mobile apps are robust and fit for purpose.

Using the Drive with Safety app attracts a discount, and your driving behavior will be tracked.

You can also get the following types of insurance from Safety:

  • Boat
  • Business
  • Fire
  • Home
  • Umbrella insurance

Safety: Pros and Cons


  • Fewer complaints than expected
  • Large number of upgrade options


  • Only available in 3 states
  • No online quotes

Compare Safety Insurance to Big Savings Auto Insurance Providers

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Direct Auto Insurance Review: Not The Most Transparent Car Insurance




Direct Auto Insurance Overview and Key Takeaways

Direct Auto Insurance is part of Direct General Insurance Group but has no affiliation with The General. The primary market for this provider is high-risk drivers denied coverage elsewhere. This company is separate from the Chicago-based Direct Auto Insurance Company which is smaller.

  • Specializes in auto insurance for all high-risk drivers
  • Far more complaints than you would expect for company this size
  • Offers SR-22 forms

3.0 out of 5.0 stars


Direct Auto Insurance scores 3/5 for overall performance based on a factors like pricing, discounts, ease of filing a claim, complaint data and customer satisfaction.

Editorial Credit: Nejron

Direct Auto Insurance: Services

As well as the standard coverage options, you can also expect the following with Direct Auto Insurance:

  • Customizable payments: Decide which day of the month you want to make payment, and decide how you want to make payment, too
  • SR-22 forms: If your state requires you to provide an SR-22 form, this company can help you out

Direct Auto Insurance: Discounts

Discounts available with Direct Auto Insurance include:

  • Homeowner discount
  • Limited mileage discount
  • Military discount
  • Multiple policy discount
  • Multiple vehicle discount
  • Policy renewal discount
  • Safe driver discount
  • Seniors discount
  • Student discount

Direct Auto Insurance: Complaints

For the size of the company,  Direct Auto Insurance generates a high number of complaints, even by the standard of high-risk auto insurance providers.

Here are some BBB Complaints from customers.

BBB Complaint – May 19, 2020 1.0 out of 5.0 stars

I made a claim with my insurance company saying my brother hit a pot hole and messed up his car. He called me to help change the tires after that the car start over heating so we knew the accident caused a problem on 4/27. We called on 4/28 to make the claim. Maria denied the claim and when I asked why she said because they don’t know how long the car was sitting there, and that we should’ve called the police and made a report, and use a tow truck, she always stated that they don’t believe me, an that she lived in Chicago long enough to know a pot hole won’t do that to your car, I ask whats wrong with the car and how much it will cost she said the bumper will cost 2300. I told her that can’t be right. She said the claim is denied and got real nasty with me. I asked to speak to her manager she sent me to Richard and I had to call him three times just to leave two voicemails in order for him to call me back. When he did call me back he was nasty as well, he got on the phone and said the claim is denied and that’s final. He said its funny how the moment we switch to full coverage we get in a accident.

Direct Auto Insurance: What Else?

The website is robust enough for purpose, but there is no mobile app available.

Direct Auto also offers the following insurance:

  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance
  • Renters insurance

Direct Auto Insurance: Pros and Cons


  • Can file SR-22 forms on your behalf
  • Offers car and life insurance as bundle
  • Flexible payment options


  • High number of complaints
  • No gap insurance
  • No rideshare insurance

Compare Direct Auto Insurance to Big Savings Auto Insurance Providers

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Dairyland Insurance Review: They Are Easy To Drag and Deny Your Insurance Claims




Dairyland Insurance Overview and Key Takeaways

Dairyland Insurance is a niche provider catering to high-risk drivers who struggle to obtain mainstream coverage. Based in Wisconsin, Dairyland has been covering risky drivers since it was founded in 1953.

  • Auto insurance for high-risk drivers
  • Only provides car and motorcycle insurance
  • Able to provide SR-22 forms

3.0 out of 5.0 stars


Dairyland gets 3/5 for overall performance based on a number of factors from pricing, ease of filing a claim, and discounts through to complaint data and general customer satisfaction.

Dairyland Insurance Complaints
Editorial Credit: tommaso79

Dairyland Insurance: Services

Expect the usual suite of auto insurance policy options from Dairyland plus the following extras:

  • Lienholder policy: This takes care of any necessary touch-ups on bank-owned cars
  • Non-owner insurance: This bolt-on provides coverage if you have an accident while driving someone else’s car. Consider this secondary insurance to complement the insurance already in place on the vehicle in question
  • Special equipment: This covers damage to any approved aftermarket parts you fit to your car

Dairyland: Discounts

Discounts for auto insurance with Dairyland include:

  • Advanced quote discount
  • Anti-theft device discount
  • Homeowner discount
  • Multiple vehicles discount
  • Safety course discount
  • Transfer discount

Dairyland Insurance: Motorcycle Insurance

As well as the standard motorcycle insurance, Dairyland also provides the following:

  • Guest passenger coverage: Pays for treatment of injuries if a passenger is hurt
  • Physical damage: This coverage will pay for repairs to your damaged bike using approved parts
  • Replacement cost coverage: If your motorcycle is less than 3 years old and is stolen, you’ll be covered for the cost of a new bike
  • Roadside assistance: Get access to towing services and emergency services if you break down

Discounts are available for loyalty to Dairyland, and for passing safety courses.

Dairyland Insurance: Complaints

Considering the size of the company, Dairyland Insurance attracts far more complaints than you would expect. This is often the case with high-risk providers.

Here are some of the complaints on BBB, Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs.

BBB Complaint – Oct 24, 2020 1.0 out of 5.0 stars

I am dealing with a adjuster named ****** *****, and he is dragging my claim process. He is not complying with any of my request. Its close to a year and 10 months and he still has not given me a offer for my claim. He keeps requesting for information form me so that the process prolongs and exceeds the status of limitations. This is plain criminal and ilegal.

Trustpilot Complaint -Bryan Fausnacht, Dec 11, 2020 1.0 out of 5.0 stars

Absolutely do not use dairyland insurance, yes they are cheap but they do everything in there power to deny insurance claims. I was involved in an accident where lady hit me w no insurance, police came, etc etc, case closed, right?! No, they still managed to find a way to deny my claim. AFTER it sitting in the shop for 6 weeks w my adjuster Parker Queen refusing to answer numerous phone calls throughout this process. It took 2 weeks to even get an adjuster out to look at my vehicle. All around the most terrible insurance company to deal with, id urge you to spend your money w a company that has better ethics and business morals. This company is a scam!

Consumer Affairs – George Yamika, March 21, 2020 1.0 out of 5.0 stars

Typically, an insurance companies alerts a purchaser when it comes time to renew. I purchased one year of coverage from Dairyland. I did not purchase a second year. At the end of the first year, they charged my card for a second year without alerting or consulting with me. Calling or writing the company appears to be futile. I feel certain that unless I block them from my card, they will do the same next year. After several attempts at contacting Dairyland, there has been no response to my request for a refund, or to cancel the policy. According to many reports, successful refunds amount to approximately 50% due to a cancellation fee.

Dairyland Insurance: What Else?

There are no educational tools available on the company website. You can nevertheless perform a full range of account management tasks online.

There is a mobile app for both iOS and Android, but it’s relatively limited in functionality.

Dairyland Insurance: Pros and Cons


  • Ideal choice for high-risk drivers
  • Offers free SR-22 to most customers


  • Not available in every state
  • High rates for standard drivers
  • More complaints than companies of a similar size

Compare Dairyland Insurance to Big Savings Auto Insurance Providers

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Bristol West Insurance Review: High Number of Complaints For High-Risk Insurance




Bristol West Overview and Key Takeaways

Are you a high-risk driver looking for auto insurance? If so, Bristol West has a sprawling network of brokers and agents across 42 states. The company is part of Farmers Insurance, one of the 10 largest US insurance providers.

  • Suite of insurance policies for high-risk drivers
  • Far more complaints than you would expect
  • Can file SR-22s on your behalf

3.0 out of 5.0 stars


Bristol West Insurance scores 3/5 for overall performance based on pricing, transparency, ease of filing a claim, extras, discounts and customer satisfaction.

Editorial Credit: Patcharin Simalhek

Bristol West Insurance: Services

With Bristol West auto insurance, you’ll get the usual state-required coverage along with the expected extras.

Other options from Bristol West include:

  • Gap Insurance: If your car is stolen or totaled and you own more on your loan payments than the coverage, Bristol West will make up the difference minus the deductible
  • Rideshare: If you drive for a rideshare firm like Lyft or Uber, rideshare insurance from Bristol West covers you for waiting between rides as well as when you have passengers in your car
  • SR-22 and FR-44: If you’re required to provide a form showing you have insurance in place, Bristol West can fill in the requisite forms on your behalf

Bristol West Insurance: Discounts

You get the following discounts with Bristol West:

  • Covered for at least 6 months with another insurer
  • Homeowners
  • Multiple policies
  • Multiple vehicles
  • No claims
  • Non-owner car insurance
  • Over-55s
  • Policy documents by email
  • Tracking devices
  • Upfront payment

Bristol West Insurance: Complaints

Bristol West, like many high-risk insurance providers, attracts a higher than an average number of complaints to regulators. Here you can find some complaints on Consumer Affairs, BBB, and Yelp.

Consumer Affairs- Trent of Rexburg, Dev 4, 2020 1.0 out of 5.0 stars

Published review 12/4/20. This insurance company wanted to charge me over $300 for one vehicle. I agreed because at the time it was the cheapest option I could find. I’ve been a customer for 3 years. From the month of August this year I look at my account and my went up to $500!!! I called in and asked why? They said that my wife on the account had 2 claims. My wife has a perfect driving record. I called in Lexis Nexis and had proof that she had no claims. They said that they couldn’t do anything for that month and wanted a $500 payment for the month of August. I cancelled with them and spoke with James (the owner for Bristol West in my area) and had 2 other representatives tell me that we owed nothing 4 different times! So I was okay with this because I didn’t want to pay a bill that big.

BBB Complaint- Nov 23, 2020 1.0 out of 5.0 stars

Bristol West sent me a bill explaining to me that I would be responsible for one final payment even though they had cancelled my account with them almost immediately after my last payment was not received so they are attempting to charge me for services that were NOT RENDERED. This is simply them trying to squeeze every last penny that they can.

Yelp Complaint- Jon A, Nov 18, 2020 1.0 out of 5.0 stars

Absolute garbage! Was in my first ever accident that totaled my car. BW had to send THREE total loss packets over the course of a few weeks via FedEx because…

– The first one had a VIN that had multiple mistakes (the VIN they sent over didn’t even exist!)
– The second one had the correct VIN but someone else’s information on the packet
– The third one, after a couple weeks, was correct

Every time I called, it seemed a new rep was handling my claim yet no one called or emailed me to inform me of a transition. It was always “Oh, that person isn’t here anymore. Let me see who’s working on your claim.”

When the claim went to a 3rd party arbitrator, there was absolutely no information or feedback on all the things I had sent BW to help them win and find me not at fault (and I sent them a ton of stuff). All I got was an automated email saying my documents had been received. Not if they had been reviewed, no heads-up confirmation that the info was then sent to the 3rd party arbitrator, nothing at all. To this day I have no clue if they even looked at what I sent them let alone forwarded it to the person who would eventually decide my fate.

Terrible customer service, terrible reps handling claims, just an all-around absolutely terrible experience, especially for someone who had never been in an accident before. Pay a little extra for someone else if you need to so you don’t get caught up in an epic nightmare with Bristol West if you ever actually do have to use your car insurance.

Bristol West: What Else?

The website is basic but provides some FAQs and allows you to conduct your business online.

The mobile app lets you view your ID card, pay your premiums and manage your account on iOS and Android devices.

You get a wide choice of payment options along with a generous selection of payment terms. The more you pay upfront, the greater discount you’ll qualify for.

Bristol West Insurance: Pros and Cons


  • Can provide SR-22 if needed
  • Broad range of payment options
  • Available in the majority of states


  • Not a good fit if you’re not a high-risk driver
  • Far higher number of complaints than expected

Compare Bristol West Insurance to Big Savings Auto Insurance Providers

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